Friday, January 6, 2017

Prince Duke's Birthday Party

Late in posting, but Prince Duke had a birthday, and he got a new brother!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#Roadtripping #jeep/corvette people #outofthehaute

Last day of winter break we road tripped it to the Corvette museum.  I look forward to when they call us to pick up our new vette because we won the corvette lottery.  Until then, these pics will hold us over....

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Unrecognized talent

Joshua Bell, a world famous violinist that plays sold out shows, is here in the Washington DC subway playing his 3 million dollar violin to strangers. He plays for 45 minutes, no crowd gathered around him. Those that did throw him money, hardly acknowledge him. When he finished there was no applause. He is so talented, and no one noticed... So many of us deserve recognition for our unique gifts, ingenious thinking and noble actions, but we go unheard, unnoticed. Many times we let that beat us down, or fight the urge to let that gap define us (at least I do). Do what you love, because you love it. Not for fame, or recognition or even money. If you find yourself in the lime light, just enjoy it while it last.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The girl with the camera is back

I placed my camera on a shelf in an attempt to disconnect myself from any image that might connect me with a painful time in our lives.  I've held back on this blog.  I've grieved, and I have grown. But I could not separate myself from my passion to see life through a lens.  While I haven't taken as much time to capture the life of those most important to me, I changed and started taking photos for others. In return I find gratitude for the privileges that I have been given to capture life altering moments for others.

The places I can go, and the person I can become with my camera in hand has transformed me.  It has the power to crumble fear and uncertainties within myself.   It has a voice that can ask strangers if I can take their pictures, and make them feel beautiful at the same time.  The "I do's" I capture, the beauty of nature, new babies, the art of building instance rapport with someone I have never encountered before.  These are priceless gifts.

My camera has the power to ground me, and inspire me when everything else falls apart.  When I am sad, stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated I know that I can pick up my camera and experience the same euphoria as a few glasses of wine, or a prescribed pill.  When you are focused on looking for beauty it centers your soul.  When you see the big picture your perspective can alter your attitude for the better. When I feel alone, I can look through my lens and find something or someone to connect with.  

My husband says "you haven't really changed!." and I think to myself "oh, I have." However, in all my growing, aging and breaking I can look back and remember when I was just Macey's age.  I would spend my afternoons in solitude with only my bike and my 110 film camera.  Those memories are a comfort to me now, because maybe I really haven't lost myself after all.

As a new year rolls in I am eager to announce that I am ready to tell our story in pictures again and breath life back into this blog.  This girl, and her camera are back, and ready to take thing to a new level.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

the Birth of Something Wonderful!

I have this friend that I love so much, and tonight she became a grandma!  She is not on facebook so I am hoping that someday she will stumble upon this... and even if she doesn't, I am so ecstatic for her that I don't know what else to do but type... because I do not have my camera there to shoot the actual birth.

I love that I happened to random text her, and she responded while her daughter was actually pushing. I think that is a special bond that us women sometimes have with each other...sometimes we just know or sense that something important is happening to the women we are connected with and love!

So here is to Mister Brooks and the amazing family that he was born into this evening!  I know he is going to be spoiled and loved on soooo much... and I cannot wait to use my status of newborn photographer at the hospital to sneak my way in and see him myself this weekend!!

And I love it ... just love it... when something amazing and happy occurs!  

To my friend, who loved her parents so much for the grandparents they were to their children, now is their honorary time to fill the same shoes... and I know they will with ease!

Today is a great day for a birthday!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Some things just need repeating....

I think that I have posted this at least two other times on my blog.  I cannot help myself.  I love this song and what it means to US!

I had the perfect weekend with my frog.  We travel to the other side of the state to hear one of our favorite musicians, Marc Cohen.  As if I could not love his first album any more... he sang it all the way through with stories of each of the songs.  Listening to him, in this beautiful and perfectly acoustic auditorium was near to spiritual.  And bonus he sang our song, True Companion!

We travel back to the Oakwood Resort to consume adult beverages on the "back porch" and here we got acquainted with Will Certain and his voice, along with his beautiful girl, whom I instantly clicked with.  We are all well lubricated, the mood is loud and fun and then Will sings this song.  Melt my heart.  I knew the song True Companion was coming at the concert... but some stranger sings this song and it struck the cord.  A rush of memories and nostalgia.

How ironic we drove away from a blissful evening on a Sunday morning, in the rain, and I didn't want to leave.  How perfect this song is for us!   So glad that we found our way back home to one another!  "Back and forth we sway like branches in the storm, change of weather, still together in the end."

It was the best weekend I have had in such a long time!