Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey Mister DJ

Can you play me a song?

Chris Knight 2003

Macey found this in my car's glove box and said "I'm want this!" as she went to place it inside her school folder.  "No way!"  I exclaimed!  "This was the first photograph that I ever saw of your dad!"  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sigh... It happened

Tips for my new driver:

Drive like there is a cop behind you.
Parallel parking, um park somewhere else.
Speed limits do not include "ish" example 45ish.
The new level of swearing you will now reach, Mom doesn't want to hear in the house.
Everyone thinks they are great drivers... doesn't mean we really are, this includes you.
Getting lost can be a fun adventure, but it doesn't excuse you from curfew. 
Now is not the time to reenact all the bragging tales from your grandpa's and father. 
Don't let your car look like the floor of your bedroom!
Don't give rides to strangers.
Do remember to lock your door and roll up your windows.
Do wear your seat belt. 
Call your mom when you are late.
Enjoy your new found freedom!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

who took these?

We took a little trip and we frequented the owl bar just around the corner from our room!  Oysters, taps, and good people.  The last night we lived it up...and these were the pics on my camera...

Not sure what this dock and ropes do for me now?  But I did go down to the group of people trying to take a picture and took it for them...



for real...I guess what happens at the forgotten coast is truly forgotten
but the best is yet to come.......

Who took this pic?  
Much like the mystery of what was so funny that I fell down in my closet laughing in New Pal?
 yeah, that is water...but don't fault a girl for a little too much wine...
she still knows she loves that ocean and the crazy man who's picture we are not sure who took?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Somewhere my heart lives...the forgotten coast

St George Island

Cape San Blasa 
 Yummy!  Fresh off the boat that day!
 The Owl

 Where we stayed...that veranda to the right..yeah that was us!
 Stephen King....this is a place to stage a story.  Miles and miles of lumber...lined up...out in the middle of nowhere and no cell it and fear it at the same time!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Your mom, maybe the most important person in your life...

It doesn't matter how long we go without talking.  I doesn't matter if we don't agree.  She is my mom.  She is where I come from.  
 Tonight we had a deep conversation, not abnormal.  But my mom still listens to me, even if she may not agree, and she supports me,  and I love her deeply for that!
At times in my life my mom has kept me afloat.  At times in my life she has probably kept my kids alive.  At times in my life she has kept me out of harms reach.  My mom has made it look easy, but I know... it is not always easy.  Thank you mom!  

We don't know what we would do without you!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Meet Duke

The only thing better than grand kids is grand pets...  This is Duke.  Taylor's newest member to her clan.  I'm in love with him...what do you think? 

Friday, March 18, 2016

eHarmony...first glances

Probably about this same time THIRTEEN years ago I sent this picture to my now husband on eHarmony.  It was almost his 38th birthday...and I was soon to push 30.  I know somewhere in my diaries and journals there is a print out of him at Mix FM as Chris Knight.  He was sporting an orange button down short sleeve dress shirt... and new haircut, minus the mullet.... I think?  Yes, pretty sure.

And as I look at this... I just got my hair did tonight and ...  it is the same color now as then. 

So, here is my eHarmony confession. I had a profile set up.  My girlfriends and I at work would ogle over my matches on the free weekends...but as a single mom, I just didn't have the money to spend the $100 for a three months subscription. 

At Christmas my ex husband and his brand sparking new 2nd wife, gave me $100.  Now I know it was a nice gesture?  I think that is what they meant for it to be.  But seriously when you ex divorces you and he and his new wife gift you $100 dollars... I mean what do you do with that?  Money couldn't buy what I desired...or could it?  This exact conversation took place at my office, to which my beautiful girlfriends all suggested that I bite the bullet and just use it to subscribe to this dating website that they knew I was a part of.  "And wouldn't that be a good story to tell!"...we all laughed!  "If I really did meet my husband?" and ....

I did... the rest is history. 

Here you go Frog, a picture of your Indy girl and her boy who couldn't eat with his front teeth and whom we had to teach how to fall down!  Great memories in this yellow duplex.  Painting, Mozza pizza. expensive bottles of wine, a squeaky bed, 90 miles, Sunday Mornings, Thomas the tank engine, the gold fish, Enigma, Sade, falling down laughing in my closet, "your body is a wonder land", your washer and dryer, walks in the rain!!! 

faith in a true companion
dreams in the making

it all happened behind that green door and on this exact door step

Side note...I thought these jeans were sexy!  And Love the Barney Bike!