Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Monumental Wednesday Eve

Six hundred and twenty four Wednesday eve's ago I experienced the sweetest rush of euphoria and sentiment.  Time has dulled the precise details of that life altering moment; like what we were wearing, or the exact sequences of words.  Our hands were clasped,fingers intertwined.  Your eyes filling unexpectedly with tears.  The catch in our voices as we exchanged vows for practice on the outside, but on the inside our hearts were melding together.   I doubt many noticed the sky opened up and the rain began to fall, then pour.  People scattered for cover, the wedding planner popped open her red umbrella.  Solidifying the moment even more, as we are big fans of the rain. The world stood still.  Our moment! We promised our unknown futures to one another.  In sickness (all kinds) and in health, for richer for poorer, forsaking all others, until death.  True companions.  Finally we were together,after feeling like we had missed out on not knowing each other sooner!

So we arrive here at another wedding anniversary.  A million memories between us.  We are proving to be an unbreakable entity an unstoppable force.  That red umbrella faded and frayed from the storms.  As our friend Adam sings about Sunday Mornings "back and forth we sway like branches in the storm, change of weather still together in the end." 

Me lVOes you the mostest!

To my long lost Frog
Love your Indy Girl!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Photos...

I remember going to Taylor's fifth grade graduation.  Then Gavin's kindergarten graduation.  Adam's high school.  Then the cycle repeated it's self all over again...each kid achieving their special milestone.

Three photos they told us fifth grade parents... only three... how do you sum up the loves of your life in three photographs?

It is the eve of Macey's graduation and I am wondering how I am going to hold it together as they play this song with the slid show of my baby and all her classmates, and their three photos.

So much of love is in the letting go.  They are born dependent upon you for their basic of needs.  You get to teach them how to not only survive but thrive.   You get to be there at all the firsts...first snows and how it feels to touch the powdery magic...and how it feels to sit on grass, or let the waves of ocean wash over tiny toes.  We are there to cheer them on for every small  accomplishment; hold a spoon, crawl, stand, walk, go to the potty, tie shoes, read and spell their names, sleep though the night, don't talk to strangers, shave...legs and faces, deal with the unfair realities of life, drive a car, make wise decisions.

The crazy thing is while you think you are teaching them how to live, they are teaching you the same lessons in their simplistic and pure ways.

Wish me luck... my heart is a little sore over this milestone.  Feels like only yesterday I inhaled her newborn baby scent, counted all her tiny fingers and toes, wondered if she would ever grow into her big beautiful blue eyes....

These are my three....

 The top left one of her and her best friend forever Stella

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Love Story

Modern Love is my favorite weekly podcast.  I loved this story, I hope you do too! 

Dedicated to frog!

Click here to listen...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey Mister DJ

Can you play me a song?

Chris Knight 2003

Macey found this in my car's glove box and said "I'm want this!" as she went to place it inside her school folder.  "No way!"  I exclaimed!  "This was the first photograph that I ever saw of your dad!"  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sigh... It happened

Tips for my new driver:

Drive like there is a cop behind you.
Parallel parking, um park somewhere else.
Speed limits do not include "ish" example 45ish.
The new level of swearing you will now reach, Mom doesn't want to hear in the house.
Everyone thinks they are great drivers... doesn't mean we really are, this includes you.
Getting lost can be a fun adventure, but it doesn't excuse you from curfew. 
Now is not the time to reenact all the bragging tales from your grandpa's and father. 
Don't let your car look like the floor of your bedroom!
Don't give rides to strangers.
Do remember to lock your door and roll up your windows.
Do wear your seat belt. 
Call your mom when you are late.
Enjoy your new found freedom!