Saturday, July 10, 2010


There is a story about this hot started 15 years ago. When I married Gavin's father we got this enormous glass bowl as a wedding sat in a closet for the longest time. What in the world were we going to do with a big glass bowl? But you know I am a Maine girl and Gavin's father loved Florida. So over time in all our travels we started to collect shells...lots of shells. And the glass bowl was the perfect place to collect all my treasures from the sea!

Ten years ago...I left that life. It was a bad day full of fights, over who got what. To me it was stupid to argue about stuff, because that was all it was..stuff. Nothing I left with was going to fix what had been lost before the move. Still we fought about everything including this once useless glass bowl. I caved and left the bowl full of shells behind. Then later that day while moving into my new place my Friend walked in with the biggest grin on her face as she had taken the glass bowl and they were mine again. I started to protest...but was so happy to have the stupid shells, and I loved her for it.

This morning it was full to the can collect a lot of shells in fifteen years. Sorry to say there are no before pictures....I took the bowl down from the shelf to dust and the entire glass bowl shattered from the weight off all those shells. It was an explosion of sand, glass, shells, coral, and funny enough sea glass.

I saved what I could of the shells. I think tonight I will go and look for a new glass bowl. But just as my life has changed, I think now I will encourage my kids to add to this new bowl. While just last week while we were hiking Macey stuffed her pockets full of acorn shells and exclaimed "there is so much treasure here." I am glad that my true treasures are unbreakable, and protected by love. While the rooms in my home my be full of little trinkets, and comforts it can so easily fall apart, break, and amount to nothing. You truly can have so little "stuff" and yet have it ALL!

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