Saturday, July 31, 2010

Battle of the Bugs

One night this week after I tucked my little girl into bed and went to bed myself...I heard her yell..."Night mom, I love you, don't let the bed bugs bite." I laughed so hard I cried, not sure if the tears were from laughter or just the events of this week!

There has been a reason for my lack of blogging....
Between the endless laundry..and brushing I have not had time to pick up my camera! Rinse, lather, repeat...same goes for all bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets.

The day after our big birthday party I noticed that Macey had lice. Where she got it, and how long she had it, only God knows. But all the days from that day prior she slept in bed with us, and I brushed out her hair with my own brush.

As bad as it was that Macey had it, it was worse to call every mom that brought her kid to Macey's party to let them know! But I did it!

Another thing that I noticed is that talking about lice is a lot like talking about yawing..or watching someone yawn. If you talk to someone about lice pretty soon not only you will be itching..they will be itching too! I bet you are itching right now.

Some parent actually asked me to take a photo of what the bugs looked like. can look it up on the Internet, and I refuse to take a photograph of something that is causing me nightmares, and wreaking my washer and dryer.

Another favorite moment of the week was when the check out lady at Wal-greens named Rita saw that after I had purchased half of the lice items at their store...stopped to hand santise her hands before giving me back my receipt and money. I wish I wasn't such a lady because instead of saying thanks...I wish I would have had it in me to bend my body and head over her check out counter and shook and scratched my head vigorously before I took my $92 dollars worth of product.

So bear with me as we battle the bugs. Tomorrow I have to go and get Gavin and I am crossing my fingers that he is just as ok as what he was when he left. I think we are finally in the clear...and my offer still stands to all the mom's that came to Macey's party. I will share all the stuff we bought and help comb out hair.

p.s. Macey was bug free when I took these pictures...she is fake itching.

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