Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights of 2011

Last New Years Eve Paul came home with a new car, we had a tornado warning, and attempted to cook oysters outside on the grill in the rain and had a small fire.

Paul's big purchase of the year, click here. I sustained a major injury while putting it together. However, it was worth it. Paul spends most nights chilling out here.

A sense of gratitude moment was Friday March 11 when the earthquake hit Japan, and again Sunday, May 22 when a tornado tour apart Joplin Missouri.

The grosses moment had to be this.

Unfortunate moments for our family:
January 24th was the death of Taylor's much loved Highlander.
March 18th Paul and I lose a friend. Cheers to you Mike.
March 24th my parents house hit by a tornado.
May 25th tornado hits Paul's family home.
July 4th Great Aunt Norma passed away.

An I feel old moment was touring Middle School with Gavin, and then him actually going.

Favorite historical moment was watching Price William and Kate Middleton get married. I made the kids get up to watch it with me, Gavin was very unimpressed, but couldn't have been more thrilled when a few days later we woke up to the news that Bin Laden had been caught.

Weirdest moment was 6pm on Saturday, May the 21st. The world was to come to an end. While I don't buy into this theory, and Paul and I were not concerned it would happen we found ourselves as near as Macey as possible at 6pm. We kind of joked, and kind of had a sincere conversation that if anyone was going to Heaven it would be her.

My hallmark moment, you know the one with music and happy tears was Macey's Kindergarten graduation.

Most significant moment was Gavin's important decision.

Our once in a lifetime moment was definitely going backstage to meet the members of Train.

Scariest moment was hearing Gavin's screams on the way to the hospital when his dad called to tell me he broke his arm. What is so funny is to listen to Gavin tell the story now. His friends were telling him that breaking his arm was the best thing that could ever of happened to him, it was a ticket to popularity in middle school. Click here.

Places we visited...
Burlington's & Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast just outside of Cincinnati. Our favorite place to get away without the kids.
Wisconsin Dells, to show the kids where we tired the knot.
Cook, Minn.
The Mall of America, where Macey saved her own money to buy her own doll at the American Girl Doll Store. She was so proud of herself, and so was I!
St. Louis and the girl's getaway.
The Great Pumpkin Patch.
And of course Derby Indiana.

Moment that seemed to last forever was this one.
This girl that pierced Macey's ears made it drag out forever! It was painful.

Things that made me laugh this year...
Gavin as Santa.
Macey's pet plant.

Favorite new tradition of this year is having lunch with Taylor every week. Now that she is a college girl, and her campus is within walking distance from my work we meet for lunch. Mostly we eat Chinese.

The best book I read this year, "The Stuff that Never Happened," by Maddie Dawson.

My favorite CD of 2011, Adele 21.

It has been a great year, and I can't wait to see what 2012 holds.

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