Wednesday, April 4, 2012

46 great memories for 46 years…

Sorry this text will sound cryptic to most, but is 100% dedicated to my husband in honor of his 46th birthday. Quick off the top of my head are 46 great moments of US.

*Your nervous head twitch on our fist date, and my nervous stomach.

*96 miles from my door-step to yours.

*Sunday mornings.

*The corner café.

*The Nazi waitress that we grew to love.

*Eating ribs in the Memphis project, “Well, I ain’t never seen nobody eat a whole slab of ribs before!”

*No kid weekends!

*Your quick getaway after our first date.

*Exchanging our wedding vows in the middle of the pouring rain during our rehearsal.

*Having a Swig at Nigs!

*Playing ponies, and the one time I won all that money.

*Octobers on the Derby River.

*Thursday flowers.

*July 22, 2005.

*Just offer it a beer and it will go away. Your advice to me about dealing with the being in our old house.

*Edgebrook Avenue.


*Old Orchard Beach.

*“So, I bought a vending machine today.”

*A blue rocking chair and a red-headed brazilbilly.

*The fat mans squeeze at Rock City, and how you love to remind me as we are face to face against the rocks, “Now would be a bad time for an earthquake.”

*Macey’s singing in the car.

*The 9 o’clock curse word.

*Pet gold fish.

*The smell of a bourbon storage house.

*Naked house painting.

*First award banquets.

*Kary crocker.

*The fun bag barf mess.


*Police escort to the 500 race.

*Our grown up oasis, lit with candles, and filled with the voice of Frank.

*Heads up at Lamberts Café.

*A whooper for breakfast with the Diva herself.

*No worming!

*Just what was so darn funny when I feel down laughing in my closet? I wish we could remember.

*The all night parties that Macey frequently included us in when she was just a baby, they were exhausting. But when I look back now I think of them with fondnesss, and much admiration towards you for helping both of us get the rest we needed. Plus the farting Teletubbie was pretty funny in the midst of our exhausted state.

*Rain, the walks we’ve had in it, the times we watch it from our front porch, or just the sound of it while we are sleeping together.

*Our cabin at Burlington’s Willis Graves just outside Cincinnati.


*Sipping adult beverages in Adirondack chairs outside a little bar, by the water’s edge in Maine.

*Fresh lobster right off the boat.

*Meals….they are countless and many. Good and bad, formal or informal, stressful or fancy, in or out. You fix everything with food.

*Claiming your name as my own on accident on like our third or fourth date…wishful thinking that paid off.

*Drinking a $50 bottle of wine over a cheap pizza.


Happy Birthday to my true companion!

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