Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Attack of the Giggles...(or after you read this Fttack of the Figgles)

Do you ever have an attack of the giggles? I am talking about a full on side splitting, eyes crying, face hurting, stop or I am going to pee my pants or puke kind of attack. We had one as a family the other night on our way home from Indy. Off and on the attack lasted much of the two hour ride home. My stomach muscles still hurt from it today. And every now and again I think of the comical hysteria that plagued us, and I want to laugh again.

It seriously was the dumbest thing ever!! Paul started replacing store name's first letters with the letter F. So for example, "Target" was "Farget". Any word that started with an F, such as "Ford" the F became silent so it was just "Ord". Gavin and Macey caught on quickly, and Gavin was hilarious. Gavin is hilarious when he gets the giggles, and with the gradual change in his voice it was even more funny to me. (And for the record, I really like the sound of his voice). These giggles were relentless and contagious.

Then just when we would calm down and things would settle, someone had to start it up all over again. You try saying "Long John Silvers" to the tune of "Fong Fohn Filvers", trust me it is not easy...and it sure sounds funny. (I bet you are saying it now, aren't you? It does sound funny doesn't it)?

Although, note to parents, I highly suggest a different letter than the letter F. Things could have gotten R-rated for sure. While no one said it aloud, the gas station "Hucks" and the business "Two Men in a Truck" got an extreme giggle from the ones in the know. Who knew words could be so much fun?!

I think my personal favorite was when Gavin passed the Indianapolis Heart Hospital. Guess you go there after you have eaten at Hardees. You put it together, okay?

Then of course we had to rename everyone with our new secret language. My new name is Fary and I live on Funset Fvenue.

By the end of the ride home the boys were talking in complete sentences changing all the words to start with the letter F, laughing uncontrollably the entire way home. All the laughter was music to my ears.

Laughter, is truly a gift. You can be happy and you can be content, but uncontrollable laughter just doesn't strike often enough. It is something that is now woven into our past, and will now forever be a part of our inside family jokes.

I have no photo for such an event...I was driving, and doubt I could have handled a camera all that well in my state at the time. Sometimes you just have to take a picture with you heart and hang on to the moment..and that is exactly what I did. Best ride home from Indy that I have had in such a long time.

I fove my amily!

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