Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Bitter Sting of a Fresh Goodbye

I am at a lose for words...and this post will probably be filled more typo's than usual as I type through tears over a couple of glasses of wine. 

Amanda told me months ago that her husband (who also worked with mine) got offered another job close to family in Michigan.  My first thought was for Macey who I knew would be crushed with the news.  But when they left tonight after saying goodbye leaving me in Macey sobbing in the driveway ... It was me feeling the bitter pain of goodbye.

Amanda said what I couldn't ...because I couldn't talk for crying.  "I love you, your like family."  And she is right!!  Being friends is one things, but since we are neighbors and our girls loved each other so much we spent so many days helping each other through the everyday trials, joys and milestones. 

One night four years ago when I was walking with Macey we ran into Stella and her dad Dave...seriously Stella ran into us with her motor car.  Then she picked Macey up and drove her home to her if they had known each other all of their little lives.  They were instant best friends.

One night eating dinner at the table with my family this crazy flurry of girl bounded into our kitchen...I have no idea where she came was Stella.  She walked right into our home while her mom and dad were on a walk behind her...and came inside to find Macey.  She felt at home.  And while her parents couldn't believe she barged into our home without ringing the doorbell or knocking...I fell in love with her even more.

Both Dave, Amanda's husband, and mine worked at the same place...and we always exchanged mutual concerns on that topic.

Amanda, also had a Gavin...a much younger version of my own.  I look at him and melt in his cuteness as he so reminds me of my Gavin so many years ago.  Wearing his homemade capes and using anything as a light-saber.  The good guys must win.

There was the time Jack found a skunk early one summer morning...Amanda had baking soda for me to borrow to bath that dog in.

Oh, Amanda has a neurotic dog too!  That is an entire other post.

The girls shared so much together! Kindergarten, missing teeth, field trips, school programs, Halloweens, friends, play dates, and on and on.

I still remember when Amanda called to tell me that the baby was here, and that they had a girl! Stella was a big sister.

Sickness, there have been a lot. The kids were always sharing with us whatever was going around at school. Amanda's family always seemed to get the uncommon extreme illnesses. One year there was a note sent home from Macey class stating one student had scarlet fever. I asked Amanda if she knew who it was"Stella" she exclaimed. We were forever calling to see if the other one would pick up the girls homework when they misses school. We would commiserate on the puking, fevers, and runny noses be it ourselves or our kids. Dave got really sick once, Gavin broke his arm, her family and all the allergies. We checked on each other.. "How are you doing?" and "Are you ok?" We were not alone.

There was a terrible ice storm one winter, took out the power on our street, except for a few lucky being one of the lucky.  Amanda packed up her family and they all came over to warm up.

So now they are gone, and our street will never be as it was.  I know this drill by heart now...people come and go in and out of our lives all the time.  They fill up parts of you that you truly never knew were not filled before your paths crossed.  There are no words...just love, great memories and hopes that this is not goodbye.  

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