Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#22 an Un-named blessing

Standing on the shore line.
Waves crashing loudly into the walkway, slapping into the sand.
Wind whipping the water, propelling or hindering people, blowing hair, and sand.
Slipping off my shoes, cool sand, surprisingly warm water.
Straight ahead the light house, the focus, the finish.
Sun going down.
Blinding as it reflects off the frenzied waters.
Deep breath.
Be still.
Don't let the wind blow you down.
Watching my daughter dance on the edge of the waves.
Hear her laughter fade into the noise.
Take her invitation to go deeper.
"This is your place, mom! Don't just stand there!" she exclaimed.
She cannot see what is going on inside.
Notice how my son has grown.
Wonder what he is thinking as he stands at the end of the pier?
All kinds of people! Everywhere!
They are laughing, talking, taking photos, going deeper into the water.
Some together, some alone, but collected we are all here in the same space and time.

Beauty and chaos.
Dangerous but lovely.
Elements deceiving reality.
Symbolic of life.
Tears fall, I can blame it on the wind,
but it was the thoughts that came to me on the wind.
It was never a waste!
I collected my best blessings because I chose to love.
Every single thing I need I already have in plenty.

These children.
This moment.
This day.
All this love extended outward.
Maybe I never have to let it go, and the memory of it.
Maybe all the circumstances, situations, people and places were stepping stones to carry me to where I will go from here, who I will become, and the legacy I will someday leave behind to the ones I love and guard so dearly.

I will not be tossed aside from the winds and waves.
I will not allow my disappointments to be as blinding as sun on the water.
Sand is slipping through my fingers.
So I will take my daughter's fine invitation and just go deeper.

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