Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear God, send us something good....

Years ago...when I needed a little luck, a little happiness, I was praying daily for something GOOD! "God, just send me something good!"  I think my niece, Miss Lizzy, is just that! I remember when my little sister called me at work one winter morning in a panic as to what to do... all the dozen pregnancy test were positive!  Well... you have a baby, you be the Momma and I be the the Auntie!  

I haven't been the best of Auntie's just yet... as I've been working on my own family, but I am banking on many tomorrows in which to hang with this beauty.   It is something special when your sister has a little one.. and being the oldest, I see so much of me and my sisters inside this cute Lizzy bug!

She is my little shamrock!  She is my little patch of GOOD luck.  She is the specific answer to my desperate plea for something good.

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