Monday, May 17, 2010

Post Vacation Blues

Best parts of my day...drinking wine and listening to Macey tell me a story!

Back to the grind and it was hell to pay.... Macey stated it correctly last night when we told her that she had to go back to school today and she replied, "That is gonna suck!" Bad emails from Gavin's teacher. Over 100 email messages in my inbox and a message that my email had reached it threshold. Work (but my boss always tries to soften the blow so I know more work is hiding). My sunburned scalp is staring to peel so it looks as if I should be in a dandruff commercial. It poured down rain on me today at lunch...but I did get to have my fill at my favorite Chinese restaurant the Royal Mandarin. And I didn't even have time to talk to my good friend Kim, but we did try to call each other back today. So, "Hi Kim...miss ya!" Is it bed time yet?

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