Wednesday, May 26, 2010


91 today here in Terre Haute, and I was out working a good part of the day hosting a racing lunch at the Bank. When I picked up the kids they had been playing hard and were sweaty...with flushed cheeks. So into the kiddy pool, and away with the hose we go. Everyone got cooled off. But then tonight, right before bed....

The skies let loose and the rain feel...hard. We were all dressed for bed, and there are no pictures because even I, mommy ran around the yard with the kids one time, and to the tree and back. Mostly I did this just to torment the dog because he wants to follow me, but doesn't like the rain. This does not make sence, because he loves to play in the hose. Whatever..he is Jack.

Now it is thundering...and the rain is hitting the roof. I am going to kiss Macey goodnight, but not sure if we are home free just yet, because she likes a little reasurance when it is thundering and lightening outside. But I do know that wherever I crash tonight, be it with Macey, on the sofa, or in my own bed with a snoring husband, if the rain and thunder keep singing to me...I'll sleep good!

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