Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Flowers

A week after we were married my husband sent me flowers to work with a card that read “happy one week anniversary.” It was a Thursday, and every Thursday that followed guaranteed me a new bouquet of flowers.

The girls in my office would be so jealous! They would go on and on about how lucky I was to have someone that thought of me that much. Even when he would be out of town, which was rare, he would arrange to have the flower delivered to me. Most times he would hand deliver, which I really loved, as I could also deliver a thank you kiss.

The Thursday flower ritual went on for over a year until we had one hell of a fight. I even mentioned the Thursday flower and how I had deserved them. Yikes, did I really say that? Indeed I did, even if I might have believed this to be true at the time, I should never have said such a thing. That was the death of the Thursday flowers.

We didn’t talk about it for a very long time, and when it did come up we had Macey and were stretching our budget to buy formula, diapers, and the likes. He said, “Would you really want me to be spending money on flowers?” and he was right!

On occasion one of the girls at work will recall our first year of marriage and all the Thursday flowers. They ask what happened, or if I miss them. While flowers are always a day brightener, my husband has been with me for almost a decade of my life now. He has purchased things for me at my local Wal-mart that even I can be embarrassed to buy. You girls know what I am talking about…the things you have to purchase and then throw an additional random number of other unnecessary products to hide what you need in hopes the pubescent check out boy doesn’t notice. Flowers have nothing over these purchased items!

While it is not a bouquet of Gerber Daisy’s it is the things he buys that include me in his life that say I am still so very important to him. When he renews our license plates, or runs to the store for Sprite when I am sick, buys chocolate for me when I have PMS and hides it from the kids. He knows me! He knows what I need and when I need it. I think about the days I might be home with a sick kid and if he came home with a bouquet of flowers it wouldn’t cheer me nearly as much as the bottle of wine he picked up for me instead. In my opinion flowers are highly overrated! And girls if you wish your special someone would buy them for you, who said you couldn’t buy them for yourself?

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