Monday, August 23, 2010

If they ruled the house....

If our Princess were Queen of the castle there would be pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch and ice-cream for dinner every day. Underwear would not be necessary. Lopsided ponytails would be the new fad. Every time you asked for a drink you would get a new cup…or new soda, no need to finish what you had left over. Everyone who addressed her would call her Princess and tell her how pretty she is. She would have a new pair of shoes for each day. There would be non-stop singing. Daddy would lay down with her at the end of each day to talk, tickle, bit noses…and then wait for her to go asleep. Jack would have several additional friends. We would have a generator for when the power went out during a thunder storm. That the wishes she made on stars would come true. We would all sleep in bunk beds. Her very worn and loved special blankie would never come unraveled and need to be sewed. Daddy’s Studebaker would be pink. Gavin would wear pink. Mommy and Daddy would never go to work so we could stay home and play with her instead. Jumping, rolling and climbing on furniture would be perfectly acceptable. We would never run out of ketchup. Rainbow day would be a national holiday. We could go to the “ribber” aka river house on the Ohio River anytime we wanted. Mommy would have to paint each of her own fingernails a different color, just like her. She would want to help cook at every meal so she could be the special cooker and get a tip. That every time we go to Crackle Barrel…we would have to buy her Maple Sugar candies.

If Gavin were King of our abode there would be at least one television in every room. Video games could be taken to school. Pickle juice would come in cans to drink. We would have a special refrigerator designated just for pickles, meat and cheese. We would visit Wal-Mart every single day of the year. There would be no showers, no hair brushes, no deodorant, no tooth paste. Jack would be his room-mate. Radios would be played loudly both inside and out. There would be no bed time. Pillows would be replaced with stuffed animals. All of our walls would be covered in maps from around the world. Homework would not be allowed. Shoes would not have to be worn. Money in any amount would always be available to him. All of his friends would have an open invitation to spend the night …any night. Christmas and Birthdays would be celebrated twice a year. A swimming pool would be installed along with a soda fountain. Saturday mornings would be set aside just for shopping garage sales. Camo would be the new black. Chairs would be made with only two back legs just so you could balance yourself and bounce on the backs of the chairs during dinner. Hand sanitizer would replace soap and water.

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