Thursday, August 12, 2010

An End to an Era

This last week I have found myself sad. Sad that summer is coming to an end. Sad that homework will be back. Sad that it is already dark in the morning when I get up, sad that THE last “first day of school” is upon me.

I’ve been so busy getting Macey excited about starting Kindergarten, busy worrying about Gavin going to public school and having to ride a bus for the first time, busy feeling bad for my husband that has been dreading a quiet house in the afternoons on his weekdays home , that I never stopped to think about me.

When Gavin started Kindergarten five years ago, I was still on maternity leave from having Macey. For ten years I have had a baby in the house. Starting Tuesday that will be no longer the case. As crazy as this sounds, I don't want another baby but I am sad that there will be no more for me.

I can see why mothers have more…but having one more will only put me back to this very spot five years and nine months from now.

My husband said “Macey will do fine.” And I agreed with him and told him yes she would…it would be us we had to worry about. As he also said, "I look at it as just a new chapter in her life." A new chapter, yes...but not just in her life, but in ours as well.

Look out class of 2022, here she comes!

Pictures taken at her open house tonight...where she got to meet her new teacher Mrs. Marshall. And Stella is the beautiful girl with Macey who happens to live down the street from us...they are sitting at the same table. I don't know...looks like trouble to me :)

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