Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree Makeover

Really, I just need a new tree...or a real tree. Usually we do a real tree...but I decided to make do with what we had this year and put up my ten year old pre-lit tree, it is a sorry mess...

I was also selective. I didn't want ever single hand made decoration from when I was a kid hanging on the tree. I wanted it to all be blue...and that was our only theme.

My mom came over to get Gavin the other day and saw our sorry tree. While out shopping yesterday she made it her mission to fix our charlie brown tree. Now it looks like this...

I couldn't even hang everything she got for us...the tree is starting to bend forward a little.

I bet the kids will call my mom this week after they get their trees up to ask for a makeover too!

Thanks Mom, it does look better!

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