Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Usless Information

Everyday is a learning experience with my are a few of the things they taught me today.

Did you know that when you have the hiccups you are growing? Per Macey (She is actually worried because she has had them for a long time and she fears she is getting too big!)

Did you know that if you get all the gifts from the twelve days of Christmas you will have 364 presents? Per Gavin

Did you know if you try to chew or play with a glass Christmas bulb it will break? Per Jack

Did you know the dirtiest currency in the world is China's and the least dirtiest is Australia's. Per Gavin

There is twelve in a dozen. Per Macey

There are 31.5 million seconds in a year. Per Gavin

The tip of your elbow is called your wenis. Per Gavin

If you open a bottle of "goo" (aka shampoo)and squeeze once all the scary things will get sucked inside and can't get you. Per Macey

There are 25 days, 3 hours, 0 minutes, 44, 43, 42, 42, 40, etc... seconds until Christmas.... Per Macey

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