Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something Major

Everyone close enough to me to have my number knows that when I don't blog, something major is going on at the Payne house...this week it has been recovering from surgery for Paul.

He's my husband, he's my lover, he is the father of my youngest child...but he is so much more. These last few days have been rough on him, but rough on me to watch.

If you are easily grossed out then close this blog out and walk away.... WARNING... the next pic is ok...the others are not!

Friday he went in for surgery on his shoulder. It was out patient surgery, but recovery has been hard for him, and hard for me not knowing if I am doing things right. We were totally unprepared for the last couple of days and what to expect.

Accidently I let the daily grind get in the way, and I take things for granted...even if I don't mean too. When they wheeled him off to surgery I felt the deepest pang in my chest.

Watching him these last few days I find myself asking, how did I ever live without him?

We have come a long way since Friday! And there is lots to catch up on. But right now we are resting, and I am taking care of the one I love the bestest!

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