Saturday, March 10, 2012

All in a day's work....

Work has been monopolizing my time and energies this week. The last couple of nights I was just too tired to post anything. Work has been grueling....I come home and I cannot do one more thing. It got me thinking about the things that I have done all for the sake of a job and the paycheck that came with it. My husband and I spent a little time sharing our worst work experiences.

Here are a few highlights....

When I worked at Sam's club as a demo girl and had to try and sell scented markers for the day.

Taking a photo from a bucket truck in 90 degree weather.

When I worked at a Urology office and had to schedule a testicular ultrasound for a young teenage boy, who was with his mom, and the girl at the hospital scheduling the ultrasound didn't know the meaning of the word testicular.....can you say awkward?

Being asked to clean up the women's restroom after someone got sick. Obviously, if you know me ...this didn't go down.

When working at a real estate office calling people early on Saturday mornings, waking them up to tell them someone was in their driveway right now, and would like to see their house, could they?

Paul was a post man. You can image his surprise when some very large individual answered the door to get their mail naked. Yikes!

Working at the hotel might have held the majority of my worsts! Locking people out of their rooms for not paying, stopping a suicide in process, cleaning up what could have been a crime scene, over flowing toilets, leaks, irate guest when reservations were lost or not booked at all, and a creepy old man who asked to be my sugar daddy.

Having to obtain the newest "Titliest" golf ball before it was even out for purchase. I felt like the girl in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada", and she had to get the newest copy of Harry Potter. She did it...and so did I, cuz I am awesome like that.

While working for an ear, nose and throat specialist, I had the revolting job of emptying and cleaning the containers hidden under the sink that were connected to the tubes used to clean out patients ears. I know gross right, but someone has to do it.

Working for a boss that wanted me to be her daughter. It was extreme. She cried when I gave my notice, then proceeded to hug me for a very few uncomfortable moments while she cried some more.

Commission is a nightmare, trying to fight for my sales when I sold shoes in a department store. At one particular register stand off a co-worker who was in the process of stealing my sale started throwing shoes out of anger.

Seeing a patient being told they have cancer.

Playing referee instead of photographer while taking family photos at weddings, not all families get along so well.

I've seen things in x-rays that authors would use for inspiration.

At one point I was vasectomy queen, scheduling, giving instructions, answering questions and fielding recovery calls from patients. I really hated scheduling vasectomies!

Oh, there are more but I think I would like to remain employed. I've had to invest some money into retail therapy this week, just to remind me why I work. Oh well, if I got through all of the above then there is nothing I can't handle.

So what about you? Worst work experience? I would love to hear!!

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