Thursday, March 29, 2012

A New Sofa

We ordered our new sofa the first week in January. They told us to expect 59 days since it was special order, but most of the special orders were coming in around 35 to 40 days. Okay, we agreed...then I got the brilliant idea for photos of us on our sofa outside...remember? I had every intention of bringing that sofa back inside to live on until the new one arrived, but when we invited Jack to be in the photo he hiked his leg on it and the sofa was stored in the garage.

We have been without a sofa forever! I called a week before the 59 days were due to expire to be told they would call us when it arrived. When we showed up 59 days later at the store we were told that they never got our order and that the next estimated date of arrival was the 23rd of March, same day as Paul's surgery.

So we waited...and when Paul showed up a day before his surgery at the store we were told that the fabric I had picked out was on back order. We were told it would be here next week...but it came this week and was delivered today and we are so happy to have the sofa we have been paying on since January.

Here are a few pics...

The only thing is I don't like the table between our sofa and the entertainment center. I am going to work on this area and make it awesome so this is my before pic, once I get the things I think we need it will be great!

I am also going to get rid of this dinky shelf and hang some great photos on this least in this picture you can see the color we painted our walls...

Right now we are just enjoying having furniture again, and it couldn't have come at a better time! Paul actually took an hour nap on it today, a couple of times. At least he now has another place to try and get comfortable.

The new rule is not eating on the sofa, but I ate my lunch on it this afternoon and it was awesome!

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