Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Annivarsary to my Husband

Who knows why marriage works for some and not for others.  Between us we have survived three divorces, and countless bad break ups.  We are no stranger to failed relationships.  Even more surprising is that  we both came into this relationship with a lot of baggage, a varying array of skeletons to hang together in the closet, and at the start three kids.

It amazes me that we were perfectly fine without the other before we met.  We were just two individual who by fate crossed paths.  Now our lives have intertwined; together we have made a beautiful baby girl, and joined two families.  We have meshed together into an unbreakable force.  We were two who have truly become one.

There is an unspeakable connection shared between us rooted in shared and individual experiences.  I sometimes loose myself in this daydream, part wish, that we would have met many years before we did.  I am sad for the lost time between us.

However it was truly the breaks in our past

that built the character within us

that each of us fell in love with the other.

Our relationship ebbs and flows.  There are dark times, and there are joyous times.  There are days that I want you to choke on your socks.  There are nights I lay awake so mad that I climb to the edge of the bed to keep from touching you, and there are times that I cannot press my body close enough to ease the craving that my body desires to be near you.

There has been sickness and injuries, heart break and sorrows, and we help each other through.  There have been times we've celebrated the rare times of brief wealth, but know we are rich at heart when our bank accounts are empty.

The same person for nearly a decade and we can predict each other's next steps, words, or actions.  We know what makes the other tick maybe even more so then we do our own selves.  There can be mundane acts of affection and other times explosive ignites of passion.

Marriage sometimes is a much of a decision as it is a feeling.  There are no winners, there are no losers, we are in this together for the duration.  We counteract the other.  Sometimes life will throw us a curve.  Each of us will have to deal with the issue, but we do it together in this perfect dance we have mastered by knowing what each of us needs in the moment.  One  might be sad, and the other will be the cheerleader.  One might need to vent and the other will listen, and pour the drinks.  How we have learned this I have no idea, but we do it well together.

Regardless of our ever changing lives, and the years we have spent with one another this love just never runs out.  It reaches beyond my highest expectations.  This relationship rolls with the demands of work, children, and drama.  It is ever changing, evolving and most importantly growing. 

Eight years ago today you raised a toast after our wedding vows, "Here's to the first day of forever!"  I'll still drink to that!  Cheers to my true companion. 

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