Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Bike Ride

Not very far from our house we have a great walking, biking trail.
 Today we set out on a bike riding adventure.  Our bikes had been in the shed all winter and it took Daddy most of the morning to repair them, air tires and clean them up.  Aside from my husband's appliances and good looks he sure can be a good handy man around the house.  Without him my bike would have went to the shop and Macey would have scored a new one. (Side note...I am loving her missing teeth.)
 The trail runs along the back side of Rose Hulman University.  I've been telling Macey about this very unique chapel that I have taken wedding photos at...being the romantic she is, she remembered and wanted to see the chapel. 
 I am very surprised for a Saturday that a wedding wasn't going on while we were here!
 I eyed about a hundred things I wanted to linger around and take photos of.  It made me think of a photographer friend who was talking about going on a hike with is wife...and his camera, and when he got his camera out she said "Oh, it is going to be one of those kind of hikes."  Paul was standing in a parking lot watching our bikes while we went to the chapel. 

 (side note, I am loving the training wheels!  It won't be long and they will be gone!)
 Beautiful Mryt. 
 Taking a break! 

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