Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Some 11 years ago my divorce became final right around this day. Talk about independence! For many years this was, for me the most miserable of holidays. It was not Valentines Day, Christmas, or even my birthday! It was this day that left me feeling so alone! I love the summer and its many wonders. I wanted someone to share it with! I wanted someone to watch the fireworks with, along with all the many joys of summer. So here is a toast to my wish! I have it all now. I had most of it back then too ... Living in my one bed-room apartment that had a gorgeous view of the downtown fire works. I watched them as my sweaty 18 month old hog my bed, and quietly snored. As I silently cried and wish for the family I so desired. Hope you find this day something to celebrate, because I know I have!!

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