Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Journey...

Last night was Gavin's first formal dance, here he is...taller than me and now the Christmas tree.
We've been planning this dance for weeks now. Money for the tickets, photos, and wrist corsage for his girlfriend. What to pants, countless tie choices, and borrowed dress shoes. The moment is finally at hand after weeks of waiting and planing. We arrive at the dance and I park the car. It is still a little early, I tell Gavin, but he wants to go in anyway. "Go with me," he says as he gets out of the car. He is taking deep breaths. "I don't know why I am nervous" he says. Once we get inside he is off to find his friends, and I walk back to the car. Outside the parking lot is filled with giddy girls dressed in frilly dresses. Parents are snapping photos off on their camera phones and suddenly I am blinking back tears and choking on a giant lump in my throat. Where has time gone? What happened to my little boy who once loved Thomas the Train and played with Superheros? Now grown enough to need friends as much as parents, to have a girlfriend, and experience the wonder of a first love. Yet he is still boy enough to need me to remind him to take his key, to finish his homework, and yell at him to get his shoes on because the bus is coming NOW! Each kid is different, but more so each kid take you on a different journey. Sometimes with Gavin these "life" moments sneak up on me, and emotion takes me by surprise. I find myself wishing to stop time. Paul says that I spend my weekends catering to each of the kids whims and desires, but the truth is soon he won't need me to walk him into the dance...he will drive there all his own. He will embark on his own journey. I am just so thankful that I have got to be such a big part of it!

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