Monday, August 15, 2011

A Girl's Getaway

My mom called me last week and asked if Macey and I were up for a girl's getaway to St. Louis. Of course we were in. Paul was working, and Gavin was at his dad's, and it was a chance for one last fling before school, which starts tomorrow.

The first day we went to St. Charles Missouri, and shopped, ate and shopped more. It reminded me of Brown County, but with also a little of Broadripple in Indy with all its cool boutiques.

We had dinner in the rain...

The best was Sunday when we went to the Botanical gardens. We had only planed to spend a few hours, but easily spent over five...and could have spent more. My mom and sister are totally into plants..and thought I was bored, but no way. I learned and saw a lot, and as a mom it is a cool place to take your kids.

So here goes...a warning....lots, and lots of pics!!!!
Macey and my sister Kate at the entrance to the garden.

Sit here,

and look up...

We went to this beautiful garden and feed these greedy and fat fish...

These little pads can hold a toddler.

Macey and my mom found this cool tree to hid in.

This was one of me and Macey's favorite plants...a very sensitive fern that was sensitive and when you touched him he closed up...he was ticklish!

How about this plant...a larger than life Venus fly trap...for real!

A pineapple ginger plan...

Bananas anyone?

This plant is called the American Beauty.

I learned that Cypress trees have knees, did you know that?

Did you know that Lotus leaves are water repellent?

This statue was made for the World's Fair.

Macey found a cool tree house!

Five hours later we headed is a drive by of the Arch.

and one tired kid who would not admit defeat and covered her head to go to sleep in the car!

a fun weekend!

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