Friday, February 28, 2014


Just arrived...having a beverage on the veranda we chilled on all week long!

This was my chair!  We would waive at all those who would pass by on the street below.

This was our kitchen where Paul cooked awesome fresh off the boat seafood!

I could move in right now, and leave all my belongings behind (expect for my photos).

Dolphin out in the sea as we walked St. George Island.  There were three, and they were so fast!

A dried out version of Patrick from Sponge Bob, I bought them home for Macey.

So much history in Apalachicola Florida.  I think this is what our place once looked like before it was restored.  

I did it!  I ate the small one.  At the Back Porch in Panama City Beach, Florida.  

Pier at Panama City Beach, Florida.

I loved this guy!  He would show off for me in the evening, and I would take his picture! 

Yummo!  Fresh off the boat, and cooked up in our kitchen.  I've been craving these all week!  

Cape San Blas, Florida...our favorite beach!  

Yuck!  All over the beach we visited, from Mexico, St. George and Cape San Blas.  They are called Mushroom Caps.  

Chef Paul cooks up my favorite, sea scallops!  

Last night in paradise!  

My friend Mr. Pelican was nowhere to be found the last night.  

Apalachicola, Florida

Grady Market Apalachicola, Florida

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