Sunday, January 26, 2014


We went outside tonight while the temps were still mild. The next few days it will not even be above zero. It has been a cold winter, with lots of snow. I saw on the news last week that this is the 3rd snowest winter...1st place went to 1978, then 1996 and 3rd place is this winter. And to think it is only January. The kids have missed so much school because they just don't have it!

There have been times I wish I had my camera on hand this week. On Friday night I took the kids to a movie and I let Gavin invite his girlfriend. I couldn't take my eyes off of the two of them. As if by magic this little boy of mine had his arms around another person, and she rested her head on his head. They were cute. I found myself in wonderment of it all.

Time is such a funny thing. Here I am wishing this winter away to warmer days. On the same hand I look at my son. Next week we will sign him up for his freshman year of high school. The fact that he has a girlfriend and will be driving in his near future, I find myself willing to endure cold, dark, January days to keep him younger for as long as I can.

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