Thursday, June 18, 2015

#15 Blessing XOXO Before You Go

I've been reading "The Hands Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford. It is a must read for all busy parents that want to connect and engage with their kids.

Xo before you go, was a chapter in how we say goodbye to the ones we love.

I love the fact that my boy going into his sophomore year  of high school still says "I love you mom!" Yes sometimes it is sarcastic,  sometimes it is to bait me for money or a ride somewhere. But when he calls me at work to tell me he's home, or I drop him off at a friends he says "I love you," even in front of his friends.

I love that even after 12 years together my husband will come and give me a quick kiss before he leaves to go anywhere...even to the gas station for a lotto ticket or a beverage. Yes sometimes perfunctory...but Always. No matter what.

I love that Macey has learned from her Daddy and our supply of goodbye and goodnight kisses is still an everyday occurrence.

Even better is that all of them usually greet me at the end of the day. Gavin will emerge from his cave and Macey will sometimes be waiting on the front step for me.

Hugs in between. ..but I think we've got the goodbyes right. Because you just never know so Xo before you go.

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