Saturday, June 13, 2015

#13 Blessing the Breeze

The humidity was suffocating today..but the breeze was delightful. Like water to quench your thirst...refreshing. 

And it sang....the limbs and leaves of the trees its instrument, all rustling. If God truly does reveal himself in nature I see him in the breeze. Unseen, but always there. Sometimes sill and quiet.  Sometimes carrying his creation.  Sometimes fierce and powerful.

Floating flags, soaring birds, tasseling the hair on our own heads, pushing the waters of the earth in ripples and waves.

How can you believe in something you cannot see others will ask? A baby hears it's mothers voice before it is born. The love that I feel for my people you cannot see that either. Just like the wind you cannot see it in colors or form but it does exist. Powerful, constant and strong.

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