Saturday, July 25, 2015

#19 Blessing Facing Fears

This was the goal... to ride the swings. She even made sure to wear her tennis shoes so that she could ride it this year. Last year she wore her flip flops, to which made this momma very happy! Seriously, it is a traveling carnival ride...I mean how safe is it? Can you not hear your own mothers voice in the back of your head telling you "No, you cannot ride the fair rides! They are not safe!" When really maybe your mother just didn't want to ride the swings either.

This was her face of fear...

As we waiting in line she lost her nerve when she got to the gate. She literally shook with fear. Then she got frustrated! "I am mad at myself!" she had exclaimed! "I am going to do this! I can do this! I will stay here until I do do this!"

My kids inspire me all the time!

So proud of herself for being brave enough to ride the swings. Would you ride the swings again, I had asked her on our way home. "Oh, yes!" then there was a pause, "Well maybe not, but if I did it again I would ride on the outside!"

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