Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cool Finds

So these last few months I have found some cool things, and love them!

Birtchbox while this has been around for awhile...I used my Christmas money to purchase for myself. My metro-sexual husband signed up too!  In two months we have found really cool things....and I admit I might like some of the stuff he gets in his box better than mine.  If you sign up for Birtchbox and go to make additional purchases make sure you check out the bonus shop, and if you review the products they send you, you can accumulate points that add up to dollars off future purchases.  They also offer gift subscriptions so you can gift a favorite person with a limited time subscription.  Either way for $10 a month for girls, and $20 a month for boys...who doesn't like to get a package in the mail.  

Stitch Fix  again, who doesn't want a package  of cool stuff, this time in threads and accessories.  This one is debatable.  My sister is sitting in a cloud of buyers remorse today for buying all of her order. However, I regret that I didn't buy everything that I did get last month.  I read this article and I tend to agree with her (living well spending less). I think the items I purchased from them, are my go to items when I want to impress.  You pay $20 for your stylist, and you can link your Pinterest board to your account so your stylist will know what you like.  The $20 goes towards your purchase.  It is more money than you would most likely spend, but it is cool stuff you don't see everywhere.  I think where they get you is the discount you get for buying it all versus buying three items.  You can actually spend more money if you only buy three items or four (you get five items).  And there is no money in shipping items back you do not like, pre-paid postage.  You have a few days to review your items and make a decision.  Then you go online and order, plus tell them what you liked and didn't like and why.  

If you like E books try Bookbub sign up for daily deal's on E books.  Some of them are actually books that I know are out and want to read!  

Norwex  Let me state, I hate to clean!  But I love these products!  Check it out and get acquainted with it.  My cousin introduced me to it, and has become a rep., so soon I have host a party....and I have never done a party for any of the things I like...but this stuff is awesome.  I bought two cleaning cloths. They are anti-bacterial, and can use them for dishes, stove top and glass.  All you need is hot water.  No cleaning products, and no paper towels and they work BETTER!   I am soooo amazed at how much cleaner, easier and less expensive my life is from these gems.  I did also get wash clothes for our Macey that has suffers from eczema, and while it didn't cure her eczema it has made a significant and noticeable  improvement.  If you hear of this, or someone having a party...again check it out because you really don't know what you are missing.

Ibotta and Star Savings good apps to download and check after you do your grocery shopping.  It takes a little extra effort to snap a pic of the bar codes on your product and receipts... but it is money slowly building up...and who doesn't want more money?

There is also Swagbucks and InboxDollars, if you have time to kill while waiting for your kid or a train, take a survey, watch a video, search the web, or make a purchase. It takes awhile to accumulate points to trade in for gift cards.  I haven't made it that far personally, but know people who have.

Just little gems that I have stumbled upon that I have enjoyed and wanted to share.

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