Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sigh... It happened

Tips for my new driver:

Drive like there is a cop behind you.
Parallel parking, um park somewhere else.
Speed limits do not include "ish" example 45ish.
The new level of swearing you will now reach, Mom doesn't want to hear in the house.
Everyone thinks they are great drivers... doesn't mean we really are, this includes you.
Getting lost can be a fun adventure, but it doesn't excuse you from curfew. 
Now is not the time to reenact all the bragging tales from your grandpa's and father. 
Don't let your car look like the floor of your bedroom!
Don't give rides to strangers.
Do remember to lock your door and roll up your windows.
Do wear your seat belt. 
Call your mom when you are late.
Enjoy your new found freedom!

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