Thursday, April 21, 2016

who took these?

We took a little trip and we frequented the owl bar just around the corner from our room!  Oysters, taps, and good people.  The last night we lived it up...and these were the pics on my camera...

Not sure what this dock and ropes do for me now?  But I did go down to the group of people trying to take a picture and took it for them...



for real...I guess what happens at the forgotten coast is truly forgotten
but the best is yet to come.......

Who took this pic?  
Much like the mystery of what was so funny that I fell down in my closet laughing in New Pal?
 yeah, that is water...but don't fault a girl for a little too much wine...
she still knows she loves that ocean and the crazy man who's picture we are not sure who took?

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