Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Photos...

I remember going to Taylor's fifth grade graduation.  Then Gavin's kindergarten graduation.  Adam's high school.  Then the cycle repeated it's self all over again...each kid achieving their special milestone.

Three photos they told us fifth grade parents... only three... how do you sum up the loves of your life in three photographs?

It is the eve of Macey's graduation and I am wondering how I am going to hold it together as they play this song with the slid show of my baby and all her classmates, and their three photos.

So much of love is in the letting go.  They are born dependent upon you for their basic of needs.  You get to teach them how to not only survive but thrive.   You get to be there at all the firsts...first snows and how it feels to touch the powdery magic...and how it feels to sit on grass, or let the waves of ocean wash over tiny toes.  We are there to cheer them on for every small  accomplishment; hold a spoon, crawl, stand, walk, go to the potty, tie shoes, read and spell their names, sleep though the night, don't talk to strangers, shave...legs and faces, deal with the unfair realities of life, drive a car, make wise decisions.

The crazy thing is while you think you are teaching them how to live, they are teaching you the same lessons in their simplistic and pure ways.

Wish me luck... my heart is a little sore over this milestone.  Feels like only yesterday I inhaled her newborn baby scent, counted all her tiny fingers and toes, wondered if she would ever grow into her big beautiful blue eyes....

These are my three....

 The top left one of her and her best friend forever Stella

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