Friday, July 1, 2016

Apalachicola Florida take #1

Chilling at our 2nd home, the Consulate in Apalachicola Florida.  Daddy likes Macey's hat more then she does!! 

 Someone loves their daddy!!!

At the docks.  We spotted a small dolphin here one morning and watched him swim out to the ocean.
 Macey posing in-between cartwheels.
Macey posing yet again!

 My new favorite tee-shirt!
 Notice the Hornet?
 Sporting beach hair with my beautiful daughter!
 Yes!  Me and my True Companion!  He is where he wants to be!  Thank you for asking!
 Waiting for Duck Fries!!!
 The Honey Hole...
 She came to visit Judge the German Shepard, but he was off duty.  She even got a Doctor Pepper on the House!
 The Veranda that we love!
 Paul P in his element cooking fresh fish off the boat for us!
 Like Paul P told Myrt...this is his and her mamma's best single spot in the universe!  He is right!  Maybe someday we can be the locals!  Love this place!

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