Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's up with Gavin....

The kid is not really around for photos, or chooses not to be in them.  I have yet to go and take a picture of the car his grandfather's bought for him in April.  He has been driving... his car has the markings of stories that this mother doesn't want to know about.  "Nail bitter's" he calls them.

He is in two college classes this semester.  Great if he passes them.  He has the role of Mister Freeze in the school play this fall (the play is Frozen).  He gets to wear a light blue fitting for suite kid!

He asked me to sign off on permission slips for him to join Boy's and Girl's club... which he would totally be good at... love that he is pursuing that on his own.  

His room is a freaking mess...which he has been warned of.

He will be 17 next month, which seems to freak him out way more than it does me.

And he is so much bigger than me now!  

I didn't post 1st day of school pics so I thought I would post these... plus the one he took of me and of his dog, Jack.   

He asks me all the time "Does it freak you out that you will have a seventeen year old?"  I cannot begin to explain to him, in a way in which he will understand, he is still my baby ... age is just a number.  It freaks me out more that he is now taller than I am, and that he can pick me up... and I no longer can him.  

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