Sunday, October 2, 2016

Some things just need repeating....

I think that I have posted this at least two other times on my blog.  I cannot help myself.  I love this song and what it means to US!

I had the perfect weekend with my frog.  We travel to the other side of the state to hear one of our favorite musicians, Marc Cohen.  As if I could not love his first album any more... he sang it all the way through with stories of each of the songs.  Listening to him, in this beautiful and perfectly acoustic auditorium was near to spiritual.  And bonus he sang our song, True Companion!

We travel back to the Oakwood Resort to consume adult beverages on the "back porch" and here we got acquainted with Will Certain and his voice, along with his beautiful girl, whom I instantly clicked with.  We are all well lubricated, the mood is loud and fun and then Will sings this song.  Melt my heart.  I knew the song True Companion was coming at the concert... but some stranger sings this song and it struck the cord.  A rush of memories and nostalgia.

How ironic we drove away from a blissful evening on a Sunday morning, in the rain, and I didn't want to leave.  How perfect this song is for us!   So glad that we found our way back home to one another!  "Back and forth we sway like branches in the storm, change of weather, still together in the end."

It was the best weekend I have had in such a long time!

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