Thursday, November 17, 2016

the Birth of Something Wonderful!

I have this friend that I love so much, and tonight she became a grandma!  She is not on facebook so I am hoping that someday she will stumble upon this... and even if she doesn't, I am so ecstatic for her that I don't know what else to do but type... because I do not have my camera there to shoot the actual birth.

I love that I happened to random text her, and she responded while her daughter was actually pushing. I think that is a special bond that us women sometimes have with each other...sometimes we just know or sense that something important is happening to the women we are connected with and love!

So here is to Mister Brooks and the amazing family that he was born into this evening!  I know he is going to be spoiled and loved on soooo much... and I cannot wait to use my status of newborn photographer at the hospital to sneak my way in and see him myself this weekend!!

And I love it ... just love it... when something amazing and happy occurs!  

To my friend, who loved her parents so much for the grandparents they were to their children, now is their honorary time to fill the same shoes... and I know they will with ease!

Today is a great day for a birthday!

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