Monday, April 18, 2011


Washable Crayola bubbles, ah..not so much!

Just in case you are tempted to buy washable bubbles take my word and don't! Someone (and it is always a family member) bought Myrt some purple bubbles. They even come in a spill resistant bottle. However it is spill resistant, not splash resistant...and it does just that, splashes every time you take the wand out of the bottle.

Tonight I got to reading the warning and care information on the back of the bottle which just made me laugh. Here they are:

For best results keep bottles tightly capped after use. Dip wand into bubble solution and blow bubbles. Do not mix colors or add water to the bubble solution. Before use, test on an inconspicuous area and let dry. Wash off to make sure bubble solution does not stain. (Are you laughing yet?)

Washing & Care Information: Wash from skin with soap and water. Normal laundering removes stains from most children's clothing. Wash immediately in hot water. Do not use prewash, as they may set stains. Repeat laundering may be required. Rinse colored bubbles away from asphalt and concert sidewalks and driveway using the water pressure from a garden hose.

Stain Advisement: Crayola Washable Colored bubbles are designed for outdoor use. Do not leave bubbles solution on surfaces longer than 1 week. Do not use on surfaces less than 6 months old. colored bubbles are not intended for indoor use as they may stain household surfaces. Keep away from brick, vinyl, finished and unfinished wood, wallpaper, painted walls, and carpeting, draperies, and all other materials that cannot be laundered.

Obviously these people do not have a white dog either. All I can say is that I see payback in the future.

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