Monday, April 11, 2011

"That's Not Fair!"

I am happy to introduce guest blogger Paul Payne, my husband. He shared this story with me this morning, and after a long laugh and me comparing it to the book and show "S*@it my Dad Says," I asked him to replay the conversation in his words. I love how our kids think the most of simplest things are SOoooo "unfair!"

so here it is...please make my guest blogger feel welcome and show him the love...!


So I have the pleasure of picking Gavin up from his father Sunday evening...not a bad thing as I love to drive and I can get in, get him, and get out pretty quick. Once I had him in tow, I called his mom to tell her I had the "package" in the car and would be home in an hour and forty-five. Immediately after this conversation Gavin informs me that he has yet to have dinner. I redial his mother and add the unexpected expected stop at McDonalds at the Mount Comfort exit on I-70.

Once the Chicken McNuggets disappeared, it was time for home. I took my beverage and went to the car, Gavin refilled his. Once I was in, I put my cup in the console cup holder and I started the car and waited for his return. Once in, he crawled over his bags of stuff in the front floor board of the Cheese Stick. He started to put his 32 oz beverage in the cup holder behind mine. I stopped him....there really isn't any room for a second cup. The conversation went something like this....

ME "dude, just hang on to your cup...."

GAVIN "Awe, that's not fair"

ME "Well, I AM the driver, and I own the car.... both of my hands are on the steering wheel..."

GAVIN (obviously disgusted)

ME "You know, if the worst thing that happens to you in life is that you get shafted out of a cup holder, you should consider yourself lucky...."

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