Friday, April 1, 2011

Camera Lesson #2

A Few Helpful Tips

There were some things I had to learn the hard way! Let my mistakes be a lesson for you!

You must reformat your camera card. This is important, find your manual and find out how to format your card. Do not delete each single image from your camera card one at a time. Not only will this take forever, but you are leaving a tiny bit of information on the card each time you do this. Don’t format your card until you have backed your images up on your own computer, or taken them to be printed. When they are gone they are gone. Most importantly, ALWAYS make sure your camera is turned off when you are taking a card out, or putting a card in!

When you become sassy enough to try out some different lenses on the SRL cameras. Again, make sure your camera is off when changing lenses! If it is on there can be a static electrical charge that can cause dust to stick to your lens. Sometimes this can be fixed, sometimes it cannot which would ultimately result in a new lens. It might not seem like a big deal, but trust me when you spend the time to take great images and pull your day’s work up on the screen you don’t want a dust bunny there that you will have to edit off in every single image you will give your client.

Protect your investment! Put the caps on your lenses if you are not using them. Buy a clear filter to fit the top of your lens. These are inexpensive and if you happen to drop your camera smack it, scratch it, you are only damaging the filter, not the hundred to thousand of dollar worth of lens you have behind it. Think about where you put your camera, especially if you have small children. Be mindful of where you store your camera and equipment.

Don’t leave or store your camera in extreme temperatures.

Don’t loan your small fortune camera to your friends! Enough said…unfortunately I have had firsthand experience in this one. No matter who they are, or what they promise just say no!

Invest in the camera bag, and especially the costly, but sturdy tripod!

Hope you have gotten your camera out, dusted it off and have been taking pictures.
Next week we will work on some important vocabulary words that are a must for photographers.

Keep snapping!

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