Monday, February 13, 2012

100 Reason to have kids....

My sister Kelly has a blog, check it out here. Recently she listed 100 reasons why NOT to have children. (Scroll down her blog to see her list on the bottom right). So to even the score I took up the challenge and have listed 100 reasons why TO have children.

Here goes....

Unconditional love of the most unimaginable kind.

The excitement that comes with expecting.

Hearing the heart beat for the first time…and every visit after.

Buying for babies, decorating a nursery, nesting and dreaming of this new little one.

Eating for two.

Everyone looks out for you when you are pregnant, even total strangers.

Feeling the baby kick, even when uncomfortable it never ceased to amaze me.

If you are small breasted like me…it was the only time I actually had boobs.

Pregnancy brings you closer to your partner, or family. With Gavin it was my mom and friends, and with Macey I became even more enamored by my spouse and how good he was to me and the baby. Paul truly exceeded my expectations.

Maternity parking.

The good and bad, the anxious worries, the so glad you get your body back, they are finally here, the pain, the gore, the nerves … the excitement, the beauty, relief, surrounded by family (and maybe half of the hospital’s medical staff)... no moment in life is as unforgettable and amazing as meeting your baby for the first time. Life is an amazing miracle and you got to be a part of it.

They reinforce your belief in God…how else could such a little miracle happen?

Counting ten little fingers, and ten little toes.

Special visitors, gifts and flowers.

Coming home with a new baby…feeling contented and wondering “What do we do now?”

Nursing and how awesome it feels when and if you can get it right. It can be frustrating and take a lot of work, but seriously if you can do it you know exactly what I am talking about.

The smell of a new born baby.

Maternity leave.

Being able to wear your jammy pants all day long and no one will think the less of you.

Covered dishes from loved ones.

Friends and relatives who come over just so you can take a nap, or shower. They might even help you with your house work. While you are exhausted it just makes you feel good to know that someone thinks enough of you to help you with the everyday things.

All the nifty baby gadgets you get to play with. Including cool designer baby bags and back packs to put the baby in if you want to go hiking.

Slap happiness that comes with sleep deprivation.

You get to see what is on late night television.

Marveling at your new baby and showing them off.

You get Mother’s Day cards.

The day you wake up and decided you are going to take a shower, put on some make up and do your hair and it feels so good to feel a little like yourself again…only this time feeling more sexy and empowered than ever. Being a mom can be sexy.

They make the world a better place.

They make your parents so happy – Grandparents.

They build your immune system.

How easily they steal your heart. You fall in love with them. You think about them constantly when you/or they are away. You cannot wait to see them again.

They are cute!

Entertainment. You start to wonder what you ever did before they got here.

You can be a part of the conversations when others talk about their babies, pregnancies, milestones, etc.

You will know all the words to every popular kids show; Dora, Thomas, Elmo, Tellatubblie, Sponge Bob and on and on.

First smiles.

First laughs.

First steps.

When they grab hold of you and hug you with their chubby little hands.

You see your own parents in a brand new light.

You can try baby food again. The desserts are still pretty good.

You can use all the baby food jars to store nails and screws in the garage.

You can be silly, really silly and no one cares…they get silly right along with you.

They keep you young at heart.

Special Family Rates.

Pets and Children go hand in hand. So if you have a spouse that says no to a pet, just wait until the little one bats their eyes and works their charm. They will not be able to say no.

The arm muscles you will build and tone from carrying around a sleeping child or car seat through the store/mall.

You will know where all the cleanest bathrooms are.

You get to teach them all kinds of cool things.

Uncountable amount of kisses both blown and slobbery.

They teach you to laugh about bodily functions.

You get to relive your childhood.

Family traditions you make.

There is always someone to play a game with.

They insist you celebrate everyone's birthday, including the dogs.

Handmade gifts.

You get to eat the Halloween candy they come home with.

The first time your kid says “mommy, I love you.” without being promoted and for no reason at all. Gavin told me while shopping in Meijer one evening and I still remember it.

To a child everything is an adventure.

The magic that a child brings to holidays.

A reason to have a bigger car, which I loved!

You get to read all your favorite children’s books again.

Your imagination grows in leaps and bounds.

You find you can multitask better than you thought you could.

You make the most of your time.

Your priorities change and you see that money and a career are not nearly as rewarding as being with your kids.

You have extra hands to help you with things around the house, and yard.

Your refrigerator becomes a showcase of art gallery.

You never get cold with an extra body to sleep with you at night.

They help you remain calm in all situations… even if the tornado sirens are blaring you are singing songs with them in the bath tub. You can never let them see fear in you, so you have no choice but to be brave.

The sense of pride you feel for their accomplishments big or small. When they win an award, excel at something they have worked hard for, graduate, etc…you feel it with them.

Tax rebate.

Passengers with small children and babies get to board the plane first.

You get to play with some really cool toys.

Extra cookies on Christmas Eve they think have been left out for Santa.

You can blame your messy house on your kids.

If you get invited to an event you don’t want to attend you can blame it on lack of sitter, or sick kids.

Spill something all over the front of you, blame it on the kids.

Running late….you can blame that on kids too.

Finally a reason to justify getting a new washer and dryer.

Who needs a swifter, crawling babies are better.

Never have to worry about sleeping in.

Finally, you can use that sick time you were saving up.

Seeing your parents and in-laws loving on your kids.

They help you redecorate your home.

You can borrow their things.

You will never again be bored.

You could write a book.

They supply an endless amount of photo opportunities.

After the first “real” birds and bees talk you think…why, I must have done something right if my kid knows they can come to me and ask me such questions.

If you want to know what is hip and in, ask your kids opinion.

Don’t know what all the text lingo is…your kids can tell you.

Don’t know how to burn a CD, or download a YouTube video just ask your kids.

It is no longer just the two of you...three is the magic number. Children bind your family together.

If you have a girl, having someone to dress, make over and do nails with.

If you have a boy they will water any plants for you in your yard..not with water.

If you have a boy they will gladly act as your live in exterminator. See a bug, spider, snake or frog …just ask them and they will take care of it for you.

Watching them star in school performances.

They help support the economy.

Your kid’s friends think you are a cool parent.

When the mood strikes you can play tricks on your kids.

A little bit of you gets to live on through them.

Maybe they will take care of you when you are old.

Maybe they will have kids so you can experience being a grandparent too.

They listen to what you say…so you have to watch what you say.

They keep you in shape, even if you are chasing them half of the time when they are little.

You finally grow eyes in the back of your head just like your own mother had.

They do as they see…so you have to be a good example.

You have reasons to go to the zoo, the fair, museums.

The excitement of surprising them with things.

Ice-cream runs.

Filling mason jars with fire flies in the summer time.

Catching snowflakes on your tongue while making a snowman.

Sitting down together as a family at dinner.

All the things we thought we forgot from school, you get a refresher through homework.

Hearing your kids laughing.

Kids help you live in the moment and enjoy the little things in life.

The crazy things they say and do…way funny!

A miniature little you, mixed with a miniature little person of the one you love.

They exercise your patients, which really couldn’t we all use a little more?

Children have a way of filling up a special place in your heart, one you never knew you even had.

They bring you full circle through the experiences, the love and the journey.

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