Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching up....

Life around here has been something, to say the least. Our internet was down...and is now back up, and working like never before. It is awesome and will save me so much time on uploading photos! Love it. However on a side note, one should never leave bras, underwear and adult message oil on their bed side table when leaving the house. The repair man was early...and of course the internet modem was by all of these things. Can you say awkward?

Did you know we ordered a new sofa...we January, and it still is not in. To top it off I hired a photographer to come and take family pictures of us on our sofa outside. We let the dog come and be a part of this, and he showed his gratitude by hiking his leg on the very sofa itself (which is now in the garage). We have not had living room furniture for three weeks tomorrow, and I miss it! To top it off there is not an escape place to go and rest our weary bones if someone should need to get up because of pain, snoring or sickness...all of which we have had!!!

Paul hurt his arm weeks ago. He went for an MRI 11 days ago...finally got the results today and found out he has to have surg. I am so bummed out for him, but anxious to get it over with too.

So that kind of sums it all up. Right now I am working on black and white photography which I will share with all of you later. Just wanted you to know I am sorry for my lack of postings.

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