Tuesday, February 14, 2012

These Boots Were Made for Walking....

Today I broke out my sharpie marker and started coloring in the missing leather of my favorite black boots. I love these boots, but I know they have to go SOON!

I've tried to throw them away before...but they are the perfect fit, the perfect match to my chicken legs. I have worn these boots more than any other shoe. Which I find funny because when I bought them in December of 2004 I spent just a little over $100 dollars for them. They have lasted all this time. I wear them three, four, five times a week in the winter.

I was just pregnant with Macey when I started sporting these boots! I get stopped by total strangers who ask me "Where did you get those boots?" or "I love your boots!"

These boots have probably flushed every single public toilet from here to Indy...(really do you use your hand?)

These are the only boots that ever fit my skinny little calf! I've been looking for a replacement for years...but I haven't been successful yet.

I love these boots and know the time has come to say goodbye. I cannot even image the miles and miles we have walked together. Hell, they have lasted longer than my first marriage.

I just thought it would be nice to have a picture of them because we have spent so much time with one another. I am going to miss them when the heel finally falls off. They are almost too embarrassing to wear, but the just fit me like a glove.

Good-bye my valentine...we've had a good walk!

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