Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Beth,

Today I broke my rule and cried at my desk. I arrived late, as usual, and saw my department with puffy eyes, they didn't have to say a thing. I knew that you were gone. I thought of my daughters art work that hangs on your office wall above your computer. I wondered if there were any way at all that I could tell her of your passing that would make her heart break any less. But there is no easy way to tell someone that you love that someone they love has moved to heaven.

Everyday for the past eight years I have spent my work days with you. We have talked about everyone. We have vented, and bitched, and complained. We have laughed. You were the departments mother hen, and medic. You hated to sneeze. You picked the most annoying ring tone alarms on your phone and it seemed they would always go off when you had walked away and I would be stuck to listen to the quack of a duck, or the likes for ten minutes.

You were always prepared for anything any one of us might need in the course of a day; food, maps, dental floss, umbrellas, birthday cards, a nail file, etc.

There is nothing you would not have done for any of us. You were a great listener. You shared everything you had with us from girl scout cookies, your wisdom and your opinion.

My desk looks right into your office. How many times has one of us hung up the phone and we would exchange glances because of weird request we heard the other one get. We've heard each other yell at others, tell them no repeatedly , try to explain something to someone who was either deaf of couldn't speak English.

I am going to miss you!

If I could have just know the last time I saw you was it. I would have told you thanks! Thanks for everything. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your advice. Thank for buying anything my children were selling. Thanks for letting me borrow your umbrella. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My eyes keep finding your empty office, and I miss you.

God keep you my friend until we meet again! Kary

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