Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

Today this was awaiting me on the kitchen table. 
What I expected to find was some handmade craft, a rock painted like an animal, or a hand print of some sort, maybe even a weed from the garden. 
It made me remember the tooth pic holder Gavin brought back to me from Florida, or the carnival ring he won for was blue the same color as his birthstone.  I love all these crazy tokens.
Last week for my birthday Gavin downloaded my favorite movie and bought me a bag of Skittles.  He watched my favorite movie with me in our hotel room while we shared a bag the bag of Skittles.  He had come a long way from tooth pic holders and carnival rings. 
But this is what I got from Macey...Isn't it pretty?!  I was so surprised because I love it, and actually want to wear it.  Hats off to her first grade teacher who went to so much trouble making a nice gift for all of the her students moms.  Not that the other things are was just a big surprise. 
It is funny the way somethings strike us, and how sentimental little things like toot pic holders, rocks and weeds can tug at our heat strings. 

While my kids are telling me happy mothers day, I just want to thank my kids for the little things they do all the time to let me know that they love me and think of me.  Macey follows me around like a lost puppy dog, sometimes not allowing much space at all...but I love it.  They all greet me at the door at the end of the day, and I love it.  Gavin still wants me to tuck him in...but now that he is bigger he grabs me and it is hard to get away...and I love it.  Taylor emails me and asks me if I will take her to lunch...and I love it.  Adam and Maddie are so good at checking in with us, and all of their family...and I love that too!  Paul knows when I need a break and steps in ...and I love that too! 

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms in my life! 

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