Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dinner the fixer and answer to all problems...and how I know he loves us

I came across this photo and it made me think of this...

He would have dinner waiting for her....

If it is possible and he dies before any of us..there is not doubt in my mind that my husband will greet our loved ones with not only great food..but food they love. This is how I know he loves us all the time, even if it is not spoken.

I even tell this to our kids. If they watch, they will see it too. It is how I know after eleven years of being with my spouse that I see his love for not only me but towards anyone that is imporant to him.

I can count on it, like clock work, that if anyone of us should have a terrible, bad day our favorite meal will be awaiting us at the dinner table. It is his gift, and in return it is how he says "I love you, and it will all be alright!"

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