Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Letting Go

It has been a year ago today that we said goodbye to our Grumps. Still as sad as it was 365 days ago. Missed! Loved! Cherished!
We all did our own little things to honor our missing loved one. Us girls, released a balloon and watched them float upward and away.
Hoping that he knew we were thinking of him. Hoping that he has seen our new Lizzy. Hoping he knew how much he is loved and missed!

Each of us girls had a story about how upset we were about accidentally losing a balloon as a child.
At our small ages, it seemed as if it were the biggest deal...the end of the world.
How ironic, older and grown, it took us four times to say ...at a count of three we would let go together.

Somethings are impossible to let go of, people and the memory of them, is just one of those such impossible things.

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