Friday, June 4, 2010

mom, Mom, MOTHER...

I know all you mom's know your name when you hear it. Even if every kid in the world calls their mom, know when it is being directed to you. Some days you swear you will go to bed and hear the echos of this name haunting you as you sleep. Sometime you even get up at night because you swear you just heard your name again in the darkness..."MOM".

Some hear it from start to finish. "Mom, he's touching me." Or it is "Mom, you won't yell at me if I tell you something?" Of course not dear, I would never yell. "Mom, I need a drink." "Mom, when is it going to be lunch time?" No matter that the breakfast plates are still on the kitchen table, and the dog is waiting for everyone to leave the room for his shoot. "Mom, the VCR is not working." No kidding since you put your hot wheel car inside of it. "Mom...I had an accident."

I especially love it when they both have a story to tell me. That is what this photo is about! Both of them telling me something and expecting an answer (as if the other one was not even there)at the same time.

My other favorite is when we go out to eat and they both fight over who is going to sit by me. I know I should feel honored...but one day I am going to get a table for one, and eat all by myself, in my own space. And I know when that happens I will be terribly sad that they have grown up enough to not need me anymore.

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