Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love him...

Too tired to post pics in this house. Last night after we all went back to work and daycare, and reality after our weekend getaway, we were all in bed before nine. It was still very daylight out...but we were tired. Gavin was asleep on the sofa just a little after eight when I sent him to bed. I think that was a first in a very long time...so long that I can't remember the last. When I went to pick up the kids today at school...the first thing Macey told me was that she was very tired. That is ok with me...this is what summer is all about! I was lucky enough to have a mom that didn't have to work when I was growing up so I think my sisters and I really got a true summer break! Where as my kids still have to go to daycare/school in the summer. So I think I try so hard to make up for this that I have worn us all right out.

I've got plenty of pics that I could post...and I will, right after I get a little rest from all the fun we have been having. There is never a dull moment here at this house!

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