Thursday, September 23, 2010

P U....

So my dog is allergic to grass...did you know that a dog could actually be allergic to grass of all things? We've been giving him some medication this last week to help him with his allergy, however apparently makes him have to pee. So I thought this morning, I would make sure I took him out before my shower in case he really had to go...and in hopes of not picking up or stepping into a puddle on the floor.

At 6:20 a.m. this morning my dog stumbled upon some visitors around our yard barn (shed) and tried to get them to play. It was dark, but I saw the shadow of their tails raised up in the air and started to scream...panic..for our dog to just come back. And if our dog did not surprise them, I didn't help by screaming. There were many of them...all tails arise.

I thought maybe we were lucky at first...but as he ran back to the door I could smell skunk...and even then I was hopeful that they had missed him. I leaned my head down and didn't have to lean far, but I still had the smell now in my hair, on my pj's and on my hands to get him on his chain. I wondered what my boss would have said if I called in because my dog got sprayed by a skunk? And as I walked back into the house, I stepped into a puddle of pee!

To all my facebook friends I am so happy for your suggestions. I actually did call my groomer to see what we should do. Paul and I were not about to put him in our cars. And while I considered spraying him and myself with Frebreeze...I just sprayed the house. I am happy that he didn't find a porcupine! And I am grateful to Anne who told made a suggestion that we followed and worked. Now Jack is back to his old stinking self, and little whiter, and smelling slightly of skunk.

P.S. Thank you Paul for being a great husband and washing him for me!

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